• Don Ulsch

    Chief Executive Officer Cyber 20/20 Inc.

    Jay Modi consistently demonstrates the highest ethics and professionalism in his work. His drive, diligence and dependability have adroitly accelerated the company forward over the past several years. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Jay effectively led the company operational execution, company and contract budget oversight, the strategic planning and the deployment of our AI Cyber Security products and solutions that realized consistent and significant business growth in the federal and national security sectors. He is an extraordinary customer client officer, and the highest valued liaison and Program Manager for the company’s Department of Defense and National Security business. Over the past 30 years of my executive career, Jay Modi is one of the most intelligent and effective executive leaders with whom I have worked. Jay Modi exemplifies a results focused executive, who has proven success of IP monetization with start-ups and fortune 500 corporations. He adeptly led the business operations and execution, the oversight and growth of the workforce, enterprise risk management, as well as audits, compliance and best practices processes/procedures. Jay was highly effective spearheading the technology strategy and implementation that transitioned the technology from R&D through product commercialization to market readiness.

  • John Prisco

    President and Chief Executive Officer | Cyber 20/20 Inc.

    Jay Modi is a highly effective corporate executive; as the COO for a Cyber Security start-up he consistently demonstrates high credibility and ethics, outstanding competency with financial and operational planning and execution, and worked seamlessly with the executive team to develop an exciting, energized and “all contributers,” innovative company culture. Jay successfully led the company through government audits, development and governance of financials, workforce planning, strategy development, corporate processes, procedures, compliance, and program and risk management. He was a central contributer to the development of an agressive tactical and strategic multi-million dollar approach for revenue growth and IP monitization. Jay Modi possesses an exceptional talent with engagements for new and existing clients that is inspiring and optimally represents the mission and vision of the company value to our customers, investers and partners. Jay Modi is a high integrity individual who is an inspiring, trusted and dedicated executive – a consummate professional and change-maker.

  • Alice Forrester

    CEO | Clifford Beers Clinic

    I think the most important thing about working with Jay was that he actually created an overall solution for us. He was able to listen and make recommendations to build an enterprise for ourselves.

  • James H. Rodman Jr.

    Rear Admiral, USN (ret.) | Chief Executive Officer, XSITE LLC

    Jay Modi is a tremendous visionary and systems engineer. For over a decade at Lockheed Martin and for several years at Systems Integration Inc., Jay developed and led advanced technical programs focused on some of the toughest challenges in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. His expertise in systems and System-of-Systems for space, cyber, big data analytics, processing and management were game changers in solving complex, multi-faceted engineering and integration problems. Jay is a driven innovator and a national thought-leader in advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. As the power behind Modi Clear Consulting LLC, I know Jay will tackle any problem with the same zeal, entrepreneurialism and expertise for his clients.

  • Simon Eligulashvili

    Chief Executive Officer | Gamma Systems Inc. – Data Warehouse Automation Studio

    Jay Modi was highly effective developing a winning strategy for IP monetization, a focused digital marketing and social media plan, as well as laying out an economical corporate approach for an exit strategy for Gamma Systems Inc. Jay is a superb communicator, an energetic change-maker, and was instrumental with developing the tactical multi-million dollar growth plan in vertical markets and an innovative strategy for timely revenue expansion in new and adjacent markets. Jay Modi is a highly intelligent proven strategic leader with deep knowledge and experience across a range of cutting edge technology families, and will be invaluable in developing the strategy and vision to monetize your IP, transition, and escalate your corporation and/or nonprofit organization for expansion and success.

  • Peter P. Cimino

    President & CEO | The Cimino Group Inc. (TCG).

    Jay Modi was instrumental in leading the professional vetting process resulting in the selection of the “best suited” IT business partner for a prospective client. Jay led the enterprise transition with the client’s IT leadership team and TCG to successfully drive the technology vision and strategy forward. He was integral to TCG – consulting the team regarding the client’s technical work-flow processes, organizational culture, and operational business rhythms. This greatly accelerated the ramp up time, saving the client time and money, which resulted in effective integration of our IT vendor services. I am confident that Modi Clear Consulting LLC will continue to provide exceptional full-scale IT vetting, vendor integration, and visionary leadership with enterprise technology transition to every client engagement.

  • Dr. David Dickey

    Director | Institute for Applied Economics, LAEDC

    Jay is an intelligent, innovative, and inspirational leader with the ability to apply his knowledge and creative mind across a wide range of applications. Jay’s collaboration and insight helped lead an ambitious R&D vision for a unique intelligence analysis capability from a nascent idea to a million dollar contract win. With Jay’s experience, vision, and ability to effectively collaborate, any enterprise can expect to realize major dividends through partnership with Modi Clear Consulting.

  • Matt Crozier

    Director of Tracking and Data Fusion | BAE Systems

    Innovation leadership – the motivator for competitive advantage Jay Modi directed the innovation program portfolio focused on strategic revenue growth, developing cutting edge software prototypes and advanced technology for national intelligence customers. Jay is an inspirational leader and superb communicator who led Independent R&D, University R&D, Rapid-prototyping, Advanced Concepts, relations with government labs, and Innovation Tournaments that created business discriminator solutions that became competitive advantages for large and mid-sized corporations. He effectively led the technology transition and road-mapping processes to monetize Intellectual Property. Jay is a technology visionary; the innovation portfolio was instrumental in millions of dollars of increased revenue in vertical markets and generated timely and significant new revenue streams in adjacent markets for Lockheed Martin Corporation and The Systems Integration Inc. I have the highest confidence that Jay Modi Clear Consulting LLC will continue to provide the technology visionary, organizational motivator, catalyst for competitive advantage, and exceptional leadership for IP monetization.

  • Rich Wolfe

    Senior Project Manager | InsPro Technologies

    Jay Modi developed a corporate technology transition strategy and structured process that incorporated industry and government best practices and maintained constant focus on business value. It defined a transition pathway and established criteria for moving across various phases of technology readiness and maturity. Cost control, risk management and consistent stakeholder collaboration were key pillars of his approach.

  • Barry M. Barlow

    CFO | The SI Organization

    Jay is an intelligent and highly energetic individual. He capably manages multiple high priority tasks and research programs concurrently and efficiently. His ability to bring diverse teams together to collaborate on research activities, coupled with ability to translate corporate vision into executable business and technical strategies is exemplary. In addition, he is at ease building and maintaining collaborative relationships with executive staff, strategic business partners, peers and subordinates alike.

  • Charles L. Fisk

    Charles L. Fisk

    Over the past ten years, Jay has been a leader and active participant on the highest priority proposals for new business across the corporation. He has also been a leader in cross-functional marketing and technology efforts to business across the corporation. He has also been a leader in cross-functional marketing and technology efforts to venturing processes both at Lockheed Martin and the SI corporations, and has expertise in managing interdisciplinary teams of business and technical staff.

  • Matt Harner

    Technical Project Manager | DigitalGlobe

    Jay Modi, who excels at innovative approaches to enterprise engineering, led his team to define a new system architecture, non-traditional data flows, and game-changing modifications to existing software. By following industry standards for documenting systems and their interfaces, he was able to effectively communicate his innovative solution and justify prototype funding to multiple corporate entities and government organizations.

  • Caitlin Marsh

    Senior System Engineer | In – Q -Tel

    With Jay Modi’s proven track record, I have no doubt that Modi Clear Consulting LLC will continue to provide highly proficient development and execution of technology road mapping and market forecasting. Jay’s visionary leadership has greatly assisted large and mid-sized Aerospace engineering corporations to realize strategic business growth and the rapid expansion of revenue generation for their clients.

  • Dr. Andy Korb

    Chief Scientist | Korb Space Systems

    Jay Modi delivered premiere systems engineering, enterprise integration, and technical oversight for the test program for a very large intelligence program of record for national security. The scientific assessments uncovered anomalies in hardware and software that saved the government program tens of millions of dollars across a complex contract enterprise of multiple vendors and aerospace engineering corporations. Jay was instrumental in facilitating the communication, collaboration and coordination across the stakeholders, program leadership and senior government clients to insure cognizance of the program plan, budgets, risk, schedule and deliverables. Key words I use to describe Jay Modi are: “Forward thinking, motivating, change-maker, strategic innovator, trusted judgment, and technical excellence.

  • John Gruetzmacher

    Independent Aviation and Aerospace Professional

    The mark of superior enterprise consultancy is broad technical bandwidth. Enterprise solutions entail not only knowledge of the component parts but a thorough knowledge of the interconnectedness of each to the other at multiple levels of architecture. Clear Consulting, LLC, provides this comprehensive approach to enterprise solutions. No better example can be shown than a sensor enterprise augmentation solution developed by Jay Modi for the US Government.