Modi Clear & Associates Mission Statement

Modi Clear & Associates (MCA) is a full service advisory firm specializing in innovation, technology, and transition. From IP to exit, we work as your strategic partner utilizing our proven L5 (listen, learn, link, layout and lead) approach in the areas of market and technology roadmapping, communication, branding and asset positioning, market launch strategy and implementation, vertical expansion and exit strategy planning.

The MCA L5 approach is scalable and extensible to accommodate all size entities, small, mid-sized and large organizations and businesses; our technical advisory services pro-actively manage risk and optimize time and money to insure the highest value to our clients.

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The MCA Process

Listen | Learn | Link | Layout | Lead

Our nonprofit customers include healthcare clinics, foundations, Universities, government Labs/FFRDCs, individuals and private companies.  Our for-profit customers include aerospace defense contractors, computer corporations, private companies and portfolio companies. What we do:

  • Lead with passion, persistence and perseverance;
  • Inspire with actions, integrity and commitment;
  • Guide from experience and knowledge, foresight and preparation;
  • Work with our clients, not in isolation;
  • Work with our vendors and partners with full transparency;
  • Navigate across and through corporate culture challenges and barriors.