Clear & Associates

IP Strategy & Monetization

Develop, advise and guide the strategy and monetization plans for Intellectual property

Digital Transformation

Process transformation, Business Model Transformation, Domain Transformation and Cultural/Organizational Transformation.

Enterprise IT Strategy

Develop, advise and guide the business intelligence and analytics to optimize technology to drive efficiency and affordability across the enterprise

Enterprise IT Optimization Plan

Develop, advise and guide a framework that seamlessly integrates management accounting’s principles with significant advantages for managers.

Enterprise IT Security

Develop, advise and guide Cyber Security technology enterprise planning and implementation, including physical, computer and data security


Develop, advise and guide the venturing process for advanced technology for business growth in new and adjacent markets

Technology Forecasting and Roadmapping

Develop, advise and guide technology forecasting and roadmapping, innovation and advanced research programs

Advance Technology Integration

Development metrics model, quantification matrix for product ROI, workflow process and logistics planning. AI: plan & design, develop & deploy, and manage & maintain.


AI Cyber Risk Strategy

Creation of effective cyber programs and AI solutions that measurably improve security posture and advance your cyber agenda.

AI Predictive Attack Metrics & Indicators

Leveraging automated threat hunting, Sandbox and anti-anti-Sandbox technologies, novel approaches for unknown and advanced persistent threat analysis and mitigation.

AI Cyber Defense

Processes and procedures that will defend a network, its data and nodes from unauthorized access or manipulation.

Compliance Strategy (NIST, FedRamp, CMMC)

Assess your security program, manage your risk, simplify your audit profile, and protect data.

Threat Intelligence Assessments & Evaluations

Provide assessments and evaluations about emerging and existing threat actors. Help organizations aggregate, correlate and analyze threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive actions.

Transnational Cyber Threat & Risk Analysis

Translating geopolitical insights into business strategy.

Cyber Fraud and Analytics

Work with customers to apply an agile delivery where complexity is handled by scalable computing across data sets empowered by advanced machine learning.

Proactively Manage Emerging Cyber Threats

Significantly accelerate the delivery of your security transformation programs by tailoring to your unique business needs.