Modi Clear & Associates (MCA)

Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Services

The MCA Premiere Talent team offers over two decades of services and experience to develop, advise and guide startups poised for success in the market.
  • Co founded innovation start-ups and creation labs
  • Launched Joint-Ventures that realize revenue within the first year
  • Developed collaborations across academia and government labs that synthesize business discriminating technology / solutions
  • Spearheaded ideation / innovation, disruptive technology, and nontraditional processes and game – changing system engineering & software methodologies
  • Led a cybersecurity start up from research to POC to contract revenue.  
  • CTO consultant that directed a team of software engineers and data scientists to develop a leap ahead PwA solution for supply chain network risk (from prototype to MVP to contract revenue).


The MCA I5 Approach 

The innovative approach we leverage for our entrepreneurial clients follows the proven I5 methodology. INNOVATE  Ideas / concepts / burgeoning technology / processes / nontraditional approaches / analytics / workflows / users INCUBATE  Research / develop / mature / advance / test / break / refine / user needs INCORPORATE Strategy / leadership / investors / partners / stakeholders / team-mates use cases /prototype INSTANTIATE – MVP User experience / pilots / projects / bata-release INTRODUCE  Competitive positioning / distribution channels / commercialization of product / IP monetization / product launch realizing revenue


Who We Are

The MCA entrepreneurial talent team is an energized and experienced, dedicated and driven team focused on the goals of our clients’ needs and interests. Fast paced, creative, economical and nontraditional from concept to launch, our business development and marketing experts, C-level experience with fortune 500 to 100 large – mid sized – small companies, as well as nonprofit, combined with the range of technical expertise clearly distinguishes MCA entrepreneurial services from the competition.

The Entrepreneurial Initiatives

AlchemaiA supply chain network risk company headquartered in Seattle Washington.

DreemStreem  Startup technology company based in Yales Science Park that specializes in rapid website and application prototyping for the Healthcare industry.

Cyber 20/20 Inc. – Cyber 20/20 Inc. has developed a revolutionary new automated design approach to malware analysis and detection. Our platform entirely removes humans out of the loop by leveraging the latest machine learning techniques to identify current unknown malware, zero day exploits, and advanced persistent threats.

AWT (Autonomous Water Tracker) – A purpose built high persistence, deep water, multi – mission, service platform. A system which provides trusted autonomous execution, new operational agility, with ability to self-deploy, delivering untethered functionality to perform real work at a reduce cost.

Looking Glass – Looking Glass provides a technology – enabled, virtual strategy department at the fingertips of decision makers all in a cloud based work-space. Every executives new best friend, this app provides structure to difficult problem sets in a corporate context. Identifies relevant data in today’s “big data” world. Applies appropriate strategic framework to deliver real solutions.